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Committed to helping all first responders and their families deal with alcoholism and addiction. Choose the right counselor, program, detox facility - the first time.

Law Enforcement

Working as a law enforcement professional is one of the most challenging jobs in the country. These men and women take great pride in ensuring the safety of others. First Responders Coalition can provide targeted resources for treatment options. We can Help.

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Firefighters provide immeasurable service to the community. Whether it’s a big city fire department, a volunteer fire service or a rural fire team, firefighters across the country share a common bond. Struggles with drugs and alcohol create a unique challenge for firefighters. We can help.

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EMTs and Emergency Services

Caring for community members when they are suffering is both rewarding and challenging. On the frontlines of helping people with illness, injuries and trauma can leave a lasting impact on emergency personnel. Specialized treatment for alcohol and addiction is available. We can Help.

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Veterans and Service Members

Veterans and service members have volunteered to step up and protect every single American. The service builds a brotherhood and a sense of community. But sometimes returning to day to day life can be isolating. Turning to drugs or alcohol is one way to ease this process. If you need help, we are here for you.

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Make The Call. We answer 24/7. You Are Not Alone!


First Responders Coalition is introducing a completely new and innovative approach to treatment, training and certification. We strive each day to be leaders in evidenced based treatment and integrating the newest treatment modalities.


Our founders and our Advisory Board of first responders and clinicians bring a level of expertise that combines decades of experience. We know that treating first responders takes the highest level of specialized care. It takes years of experience and education to become an expert.


At First Responders Coalition, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. First responders do their best to care for us every day. We believe they deserve the gold standard in treatment and training. We want the most experienced, most educated and the most battle tested professionals working with our members.

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