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Mission Statement

Our mission statement is threefold;

  • Help First Responders and their families
  • Educate professionals
  • Certify facilities who work with First Responders

Help First Responders and their families.

We know first responders face unique challenges when looking for help. They face different issues than other members in the community when trying to get help for problems with alcohol, addiction and mental health issues. We want to connect first responders and their families with the right treatment, the first time.
In addition to traditional methods of drug and alcohol treatment, they face issues coping with violence they’ve seen and guilt resolution from tragedies they’ve witnessed on the job. We know that returning to their work environment can be more difficult because of the tight community found in the first responder community.

Educate Professionals
We know many dedicated professionals who share our passion for helping the helpers. We provide multiple educational opportunities for peer support teams, clinicians, mental health professionals and community leaders. Education and training leads to the gold standard of treatment methods.

Peer Support leaders play an important role in helping their coworkers. These men and women have been specially identified by their departments to identify and assist the people on their teams. Is someone struggling with pain medication? Are they drinking too much? Do they have a family member who is struggling with mental health issues? How can these peer support members be the best at their jobs and while keeping the bond of trust with their fellow first responder?
The answer is always training! Knowing the best way to approach someone who is hurting, learning the best way to intervene is imperative.. We offer multiple educational opportunities for peer support members.

We provide training for clinicians who want to learn the best practices for working with law enforcement, firefighters, veterans and EMTs.. There are multiple agencies that are considered under First Responders umbrella. Alcohol and addiction may be primary but their are other components that must be dealt with in a therapeutic setting. Trauma, PTSD, anger management to name a few. Education and training will give clinicians the tools they need.

Community Leaders know the best thing they can do for their constituents is to care for first responders. First Responders Coalition can train you on the special needs of this community. Learning how to care for the people who care for your first responders and their families is key to keeping the larger community safe.

Certification for Facilities

We want refer to treatment centers who are providing the right curriculum to meet their first responder’s needs. Certification will make certain that each facility providing help for first responders and their families is using the best practices available. Certification means a treatment center is safe place to land.

it is easy to assume that law enforcement officials seeking assistance are in the same position as any other member of the community. However, First Responders Coalition understands this isn’t true.
First Responders may need to receive treatment for a variety of mental health concerns and we want that to be the best.

Our Goals
At First Responders Coalition, it is our goal to create an interactive community of professionals, facilities and training curriculum that will help ensure lasting recovery for first responders and their families.

Our Coalition
Our coalition is made up of law enforcement agencies, fire departments, veterans organizations, clinicians and industry professionals dedicated to excellence in treatment for first responders and their families.

To create a community that will assist first responders and their families struggling with the effects of alcohol abuse, addiction and behavioral health challenges we have put together a diverse group of resources. Our Advisory Board is made up of leaders from law enforcement, Critical Incident Consultants and Veterans who are all experts in both drug and alcohol treatment, as well as other behavioral health challenges.
This coalition is always growing, always expanding. We strive to keep the most up to date information on where and who are leading the community in behavior health for first responders and their friends and family.