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Firefighters provide immeasurable service to the community. Whether it’s a big city fire department, a volunteer fire service or a rural fire team, firefighters across the country share a common bond. Struggles with drugs and alcohol create a unique challenge for firefighters.
Firefighters often work days’ long shifts and must maintain physical and mental wellness. They are constantly exposed to life and death situations, long hours and traumatic events. How do they manage if they are taking pills or drinking and can’t stop on their own? First Responders Coalition can help.

The families of firefighters face unique challenges, as well. Husbands, wives and children live the without their loved ones for days at a time. First Responders Coalition wants to serve the whole family unit. Alcohol and drug problems, mental health struggles do not discriminate. The most important thing is to find the right help the first time.

Firefighters and their families have a built in support group. Due to this tight knit community, firefighters returning to work have a group of brothers and sisters who can lend support in recovery.