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First Responders Coalition Story

FRC was created with the sole purpose of helping the the people who have dedicated their lives to helping others. First responders are a unique group of men and women and face specific challenges because of their work environment.
Struggles with alcohol, pills, trauma and addiction are just some of the behavior health issues we know need to be treated in a specialized environment.

Our coalition is here to provide support for first responders and their families with treatment options, advocacy, training, resources and guidance.

First Responders Coalition was founded by two women who are passionate about helping others. Working in behavior health and addiction treatment for over 30 years Elizabeth and Ann have helped many programs become successful in treating men and women suffering from alcoholism, addiction and trauma.

Elizabeth has had the good fortune in her career of furthering her passion for treatment of first responders. This passion is the driving force for creating a safe place for first responders and their families to turn when facing difficult and painful times.

As co-founders, Elizabeth and Ann are not only committed to finding help for first responders but creating advocacy and community amongst professionals who are like minded. Working with first responders is a privilege. Knowing how these men and women help others every day, it is our pledge is to lead the field with the best resources available. The gold standard of professionals.

We are here to educate professionals with the same passion for first responders. To give each first responder the best opportunity to overcome the painful effects of alcoholism, addiction, trauma and behavior health issues. These men and women choose to carry a heavy load on their shoulders but they are fathers and mothers, sons and partners, daughters and friends living in our communities and sometimes they need help.

There is a camaraderie and a distinct approach to that must be understood for them to find lasting change when they are facing a personal crisis.

Elizabeth Alvarez

“I am so grateful to be able to do the work I do, every day. I want to help the people who protect and serve us. Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMTs and Correctional officers need and advocate and I want that person to be me!”

Elizabeth Alvarez has years of experience, stretching back to her first job in treatment in 1981. She has worked for substance abuse treatment programs, eating disorder programs and trauma programs. While working for the Federal government, Elizabeth became interested in helping our veterans from our recent wars. Since then, she has been moving toward helping the helpers/ protecting the protectors.

Finding chemical dependency treatment, training clinicians and outreach to departments will continue to be Elizabeth’s passion until every first responder finds what they need.

Elizabeth is so proud to be the daughter of a WW2 veteran. Her father has been her mentor and a guiding force for much of the work she does, learning how each veteran and first responder means the world to someone and to the community.

Ann Premazon

Bio coming soon…